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Riken have been supplying superior quality high gloss foils from Japan for over 25 years. Riken High Gloss has set the standard for thermo-formable gloss foils since the early days of membrane pressing technology in the late 1980’s.

These foils are now available from stock in the UK, in 0.4mm and 0.5mm thickness with a wide range of colours matched to melamine boards.

High Gloss Stock Items

Colour Thickness Width Melamine Match
PG White (P) PG White (P) 0.4mm 1420mm Egger W1100
PG White (N) PG White (N) 0.5mm 1420mm Egger W1000
New Vanilla HG New Vanilla HG 0.4mm 1420mm Egger U108
SB Van HG SB Van HG 0.5mm 1420mm Egger U215
AD Antique White HG AD Antique White HG 0.5mm 1420mm Egger U222
Oyster HG Oyster HG 0.4mm 1420mm -
Safari Beige HG Safari Beige HG 0.4mm 1420mm Egger U156
Mussell HG Mussell HG 0.4mm 1420mm Egger U100
Achat Grau HG Achat Grau HG 0.4mm 1420mm Egger U708
Cashmere HG Cashmere HG 0.4mm 1420mm Egger U702
Graphit HG Graphit HG 0.5mm 1420mm Egger U961
Grau HG Grau HG 0.5mm 1420mm Egger U741
Olive HG Olive HG 0.5mm 1420mm -
Aubergine HG Aubergine HG 0.5mm 1420mm Egger U330
Ruby Red HG Ruby Red HG 0.5mm 1420mm -
PG Black HG PG Black HG 0.5mm 1420mm Egger U999
Premium Ebony HG Premium Ebony HG 0.5mm 1420mm -

Super Matt Stock Items

We now also introduce our new range of Super Matt foils in 0.3mm thickness, also matched to popular melamine colours.

Colour Thickness Width Melamine Match
Light Grey SF Light Grey SF 0.3mm 1420mm Egger U708
Dust Grey SF Dust Grey SF 0.3mm 1420mm Egger U732
Cashmere SF Cashmere SF 0.3mm 1420mm Egger U702
Mussel SF Mussel SF 0.3mm 1420mm Egger U100
Porcelain SF Porcelain SF 0.3mm 1420mm Egger W1200
Denim SF Denim SF 0.3mm 1420mm Egger U540

Over the years, Riken has built a solid reputation for outstanding film based technology and quality. Our films are well known for their brilliance, finish and ease of processing.

Here in the UK Japan Concept is Riken’s sales partner, based in the North East of England. If you need further information, advice and pricing please contact Jonathan Caisley at Japan Concept:


Visit Riken Europe website at rikeneu.com

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